Welcome to MD Private Label

We offer high-quality, natural products formulated for doctors and other foot care specialists to dispense from their offices.

That makes it easier for you to get what you need right there in the office, instead of having to make a special trip to the drugstore or wait for items to ship from online retailers.

Eliminating delays helps speed healing, plus you’re getting a product that does exactly what your doctor or foot care specialist wants it to do.

If you are a professional interested in learning more, please click on the “Request Pro Acess” link above to apply for professional access.

About Us

We’ve been a respected boutique manufacturer of highly effective foot and body care products since 1990.

We use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with a history of healing, and avoid use of questionable “filler” ingredients – so there are no artificial colors or synthetic fragrances or parabens in our products. Our ingredients are simple and clean, and yet work together to promote real, powerful healing.

Every product is personally reviewed and tested by our Advisory Board and is only available through your doctor’s office.

What Ingredients are in our Products?

We use the highest quality ingredients, formulated to work together for maximum benefit without being harmful.  Our key ingredients have a long history of healing, and are listed below:

mortar pestle herbs

  • Aloe Vera: speeds healing on sunburned and irritated skin, hydrates & soothes.
  • Jojoba Oil: creates a protective film over skin that helps draw in moisture.
  • Shea Butter: superb emollient butter high in fatty acids, made from African tree nuts.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: a rich emollient that helps soften and soothe skin.
  • Glycerin: a plant-derived humectant that promotes moisture retention and softens skin.
  • Vitamin E: natural preservative and powerful antioxidant that’s very soothing to skin.
  • Comfrey Extract : helps soothe skin and heal skin irritations.
  • Rosemary Extract : helps revive and invigorate skin.
  • Urea : helps soften and break down dry rough skin so it can be removed.

What’s not in our Products?

paraben free copyMany commonly used ingredients are worrisome. Some are cheap fillers that offer very little benefit. Others are hazardous when used repeatedly or in combination with other ingredients. Some ingredients are not well tolerated by the body, or are not recommended for children, pregnant women, older folks or those with compromised health.

We do not use these common, yet worrisome ingredients:

  • parabens
  • petrolatum
  • mineral oil
  • synthetic fragrances
  • phthalates
  • synthetic colors
  • diazolidinyl urea

Our Product Philosophy

A product should do more than just solve a problem.  It should do so in a way that doesn’t cause side affects or be unpleasant to use.

brooke-cagle-199263-unsplashOur products work well and they also look, feel and smell good,  so people enjoy using them – which leads to better compliance.

By using good, clean ingredients in carefully considered formulations, we can provide extraordinary benefits.

Our gentle, yet highly effective products can be used by anyone: diabetics, kids and older folks. Urea products are safe for diabetics with doctor supervision.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid Urea products.

Our products are all Gluten-Free and safe for people with Celiac-Sprue Disease.

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Where to Buy?

Our products are only available through doctor’s offices and select foot health care professionals.

Please contact your doctor or foot health care provider directly for reorders, or more information about how and when to use products, so your progress can be monitored.  Contact information is on the jar.

If you are a professional and would like to find out about dispensing from your office, please apply for Professional Access by clicking on the “Request Pro Access” link at the top of the page.  If you’ve already been approved, you can login using the “Login” link.

We will review your information and get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you.