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Designing My Label

Which label should I choose? Choose a label that you think your patients will find appealing, or that perhaps reflects the location of your practice.  Often staff will have a good sense of what your patients will like. Click here to read more about the four label choices.

Should I use my name or my practice name? Many doctors choose to use their practice name, as it’s the one normally on signs, billing etc. Some doctors also choose this option if they have names which are difficult to pronounce or spell. But either is really fine, and sometimes you can use both. Just be sure that someone who sees the jar will be easily able to find you.

Can you add my logo? Most logos will work fine, especially those which are a single color.  If your logo includes multiple colors or is very complicated, we’ll be happy to take a look and let you know if it will look good.

Should I include my telephone number? We recommend that you include your telephone number – again, to make it easy to find you.  This field accepts up to twelve numbers or letters, so if your telephone number includes words (800-FOOTDOC) for example, you can include that.

What if I don’t have a website? You may want include an email address  or a website URL.  It’s common to leave “www” off the beginning of a website URL and to capitalize individual words to make it easier to read and remember.  For example, http://www.myexample.com would be MyExample.com.

Can you print a different product name? The only product name that can be changed is the Advanced Foot Cream.  If you treat a lot of Diabetics, you might want to name it “Diabetic Foot Cream”.  If patients often have cracked heels, you may want to name it “Cracked Heel Therapy”.  Some doctors don’t want to refer specifically to feet, so you could also call it Deep Moisturizing Cream or something similar.  All other product names must stay the same.

Where can I see which label design and the information I used before?  We recommend that you save a copy of any order you place for your files, but we are always happy to send you what you’ve used before.

Will my label be reviewed by a real person before it’s printed? Yes, your information will be carefully reviewed and our designers will make sure it is correctly placed on the jar so it looks good.

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Questions about Working With Us

Can I order online? We do not currently offer online ordering.  We suggest downloading our order form, filling it out and then faxing it to us at 402-339-8826 or emailing it to us at helpdesk@mdprivatelabel.com.  You are also welcome to call your order in toll-free at 888-445-3368, or 402-339-8825.

Do I have to pay the $50 setup/review fee? Your one-time fee covers the cost of our designers reviewing and doing final touches to be sure your label looks professional. (Our setup/review fee is being waived at this time.)

Can I pay by check?  Because each order is custom made, it must be prepaid.  Normally it’s easiest to do so with a credit card, or wire transfer.  If you would like to prepay your order via check, please contact us to get an order total.

Do you keep track of what I’ve ordered?  Yes, we always know what you have ordered, and can look that information up for you if you ask us.

Can I get a reminder call for reorders? Yes, just let us know that you’d like to be contacted for re-orders, and how often. We’ll add you to our followup list.

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Questions About Shipping

What does shipping cost? We offer flat-rate shipping of $20 within the continental United States and $40 shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

What about if I need my order faster? Rush shipping charges will apply. Please contact our office if you need your order more quickly.

Can you ship to Canada? Yes, we can ship to Canada, but expect to pay some additional shipping charges.  There will not be any duty to pay since products are eligible for NAFTA, but you will be charged a 5% VAT tax, and there may be additional charges assessed by the Canada Border Services Agency.

How long will it take for my order to be ready to ship?  Expect your first order to take up to 10 business days, since we need to design and review your label.  Reorders should take five business days or less.

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About Products/Ingredients

Our best new product ideas often come directly from doctors on our advisory board, or who are customers.  If you have a suggestion for a new product, please contact Kumy@mdprivatelabel.com.

We use the highest quality ingredients, formulated to work together for maximum benefit, without being harmful. Wherever possible, we use natural ingredients with a long history of healing and efficacy.  We do not use cheap filler ingredients like Mineral Oil or Petrolatum, or ingredients that your patients may be worried about, like Parabens, Phthalates, or ingredients with Gluten.  New products will be announced via email and via this website.  Be sure to check on the list of current products from time to time.

Click Here for a list of current products.
Click Here for a list of ingredients by product.

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About How to Use Products

Advanced Foot Cream can be used as often as needed, but should be used once a day at least. It can be used on hands, feet, body, nails and cuticles. It’s very concentrated and only a little is required.

20% Urea Dry Skin Relief Cream should be used twice daily, or as directed by doctor, and is most effective just after showering.

Both the 30% Urea Stick and 40% Urea Cream can be applied thinly once a day to affected areas, or as directed by doctor.  The stick should be applied lightly and can be followed by a regular foot cream.

The 42% Urea Gel should also be thinly applied on affected areas, and followed up with a moisturizer.  Stress to patients that applying too much may leave a small amount of chalky residue.

The 42% Urea Gel may also be used in combination with an antifungal medication.  Patients may alternate application of urea and antifungal for best results.

The gel may be applied to thick nails, to make trimming easier.

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About Restrictions on Who Can Use Products

Can Diabetics use your products? Yes, our Advanced Foot Cream is safe for Diabetics, and Urea products are safe with doctor supervision.

Are your products Gluten-free? Yes, our products all Gluten-free.

Can your products be used by pregnant/nursing mothers? Advanced Foot Cream is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, but Urea products are not recommended.

Can products be used by children and older folks? Yes, Advanced Foot Cream can be safely used by anyone.  We do now offer a children’s cream as well.

Can your products be used by people undergoing cancer treatment? Yes, our Advanced Foot Cream offers real benefits for people who are facing extremely dry skin and nails as a side effect of chemotherapy or radiation, and it is very lightly lemon-scented which is helpful when smell is a problem.

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About Pricing and Tips for Dispensing

How should I price my products? Click here to read more about costs and pricing.

How can I motivate my staff? Many spas offer an incentive to staff such as $1 for each jar sold, or a percentage of sales. You may want to set a goal of selling so many jars a month and then do something nice for staff when that monthly goal is met.

How can I help my patients transition from the products they are used to? We’re all creatures of habit until forced to try something new. One way to easily do that is to use the foot cream in your treatment rooms, thus making it less of a risk to purchase.  Spas use this method all the time.

Dr. Hal Ornstein and Lynn Ormizak have a wonderful article about dispensing in which they recommend presenting patients with a choice.  For Advanced Foot Cream, you might say something like this:

“You can get a special foot cream at the drugstore, or we do have a good product right here in the office for your convenience.”

The article says that 95% of the time, patients do pick up the product in the office. If you’re carrying another cream which is widely available, simply stop reordering.  When patients ask, just say “that cream is still available at the drugstore, but we’ve decided to bring in another product.

Sometimes an introductory discount may motivate patients to change.  You can offer $5 off as an introductory special, and that may be appealing to many patients.

Dr. “S” does really well with private label dispensing and has shared his tips for dispensing the 30% Urea Stick. Click Here to read more.

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Displays and Marketing

Do you offer help with displays and marketing?   Yes, we offer sample packets that are helpful in letting a patient try before they purchase.

We also offer Product signs to display in your office and treatment rooms that are customized with your label at no charge.

Finally, we offer Patient Information Sheets you can download, customize and then print as needed.

Click here to go to our Marketing Support page, which includes the downloadable Patient information sheets.

Our Marketing Tips Archive

We’ve also shared much of what we’ve earned via our email newsletters. Click here to read an archive of our educational emails.

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